The "Fruit Loops" of Alternative Medicine!

It tastes like a crushed up yellow "Fruit Loop" (of the cereal fame). But this funny powder isn't a breakfast food but a pro biotic bacteria, found by a Japanese laboratory company to be potentially effective in helping both men and women with their concerns about yeast bacteria.

While most people think yeast concerns are a "female" problem only, nothing could be further from the truth. Yeast concerns can start in the intestinal tract and from there could cause concerns with the entire body.

This probiotic bacteria called "Threelac" in its commercial form sort of does a bit of house cleaning and can possibly help get everything in order again. "Threelac" has been sold commercially in Japan for several years now.

"Threelac" is now available in the United States and a free report is available to all by sending a request to "Threelac", 834 South Union Street, Olean, New York 14760

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